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Last year, the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) released a report that highlighted foreign efforts targeting service members, veterans and their families with disinformation. The report provided details gleaned from a two-year study, which showed that these adversaries did so in order to undermine the US democratic process, as well as steal financial data and sow confusion.

This year, VVA is taking its work a step further. In coordination with DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the veterans’ organization is launching a campaign to direct its members to slow down and double check information before sharing it online – with a series of graphics intended for social media that call on vets to “Investigate the Issue” and to “Think Before You Link” and so on.


“We encourage all veterans to take note of the tools provided and to use this information to combat foreign interference from wherever it comes,” said VVA President John Rowan. “This is psychological warfare taken to an extreme, and it impacts our national security.”

The information is being posted and updated on the VVA web site:

“By working with VVA, we will be able to reach more Americans and arm them with what they need to spot and stop disinformation. Our veterans have always stepped up when called upon, and once again, they can play a crucial role in defending our democratic process from foreign interference,” said Matt Masterson, the senior security advisor for CISA.

VA Asks Employees to Help Fight Covid-19 Misinformation
The VA’s central IT office has called on the department’s employees to help fight the spread of misinformation about the VA, saying that “during the pandemic we’ve seen many examples of misinformation schemes that have targeted federal employees, our veterans, and the general public.”