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The report also noted that some VET TEC trainers had trouble getting approval for their applications. Image: Daniel J. Macy/

Inconsistencies in measuring effectiveness leave a muddied picture of how well a key pilot veterans’ training program works, according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO).

Between May 2019 and May 2022, VET TEC (the Veterans Employment Through Technology Education Courses) enrolled more than 6,700 veterans. The figure represents a group more racially and ethnically diverse than the overall population. Many enrollees had service-connected conditions as well. Some 66 percent of all enrollees completed their VET TEC training.

While VA does calculate an employment measure for some veterans who complete the program, GAO recommends it do so for all VET TEC participants.

“As a result, VA lacks sufficient information to compare VET TEC to other programs or to access the effectiveness of the program at getting veterans into jobs,” GAO wrote in an Oct. 27 report. The watchdog agency noted that VA does not know why roughly 13 percent of all participants drop out of VET TEC.

More information about how many veterans get jobs, and whether they are self-employed or work full or part-time, could help determine if the program is worth keeping after its five-year pilot duration expires, GAO stated.

The report also noted that some VET TEC trainers had trouble getting approval for their applications. Clarity of those application requirements were unclear as well, GAO reported.

The agency noted that VA is aware of some of these issues, and has taken steps to fix them. The department is developing a scorecard to assess the quality of training providers, for example, and also is updating its employment certification form. Still, GAO reported, more needs to be done to determine the program’s progress.

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