Armed Forces News

News coverage about a proposed memorial in Canada to honor

Vietnam draft-dodgers has drawn the fury of the Veterans of


Foreign Wars. “We urge the President and Congress to do

whatever is necessary to communicate to the Canadian

government that this exercise of free expression is an

absolute slap in the face to every man and woman who ever

served in uniform… both in our military and theirs,”

said VFW commander John Furgess. “To honor draft-dodgers,

deserters, people who brought grief to the families they left

behind and anguish to those American men who took their

place, is an abomination,” he added. An estimated 125,000

Americans fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft. Half

returned to the U.S. when then-President Jimmy Carter granted

them amnesty in 1977. Dedication of the bronze statue

honoring draft-dodgers is planned for July 2006 in Nelson,

British Columbia.