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Soldiers of the 78th Aviation Troop Command stand in formation prior to the brigade's change of command ceremony August 8, 2021 at the Clay National Guard Center in Marietta, Ga. (Photo: Maj. Charles Emmons, Georgia National Guard) The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

President Biden has issued a directive for a new top-to-bottom internal study of military pay and benefits, with a focus upon ensuring that they meet service members’ needs.

The Pentagon will have two years to prepare and present its findings in the 14th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation.

“We owe our service members our support and gratitude, and we recognize the sacrifices they make every day in support of our nation,” Biden said in a Jan. 31 memorandum to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. “Further, our service members deserve a 21st century military compensation system that recognizes and rewards their contributions, reflects the values of our nation, and incentivizes the next generation of men and women to serve.”

Highlights will include:

• Ensuring that service members are appropriately compensated while the Pentagon remains “responsible” stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars.

• Reviewing the basic pay table to that it is “structured to strengthen service members’ economic security” and serves as an incentive for recruitment and retention.

• Studying how the shift to dual-income households and other “unique factors” might mean that the compensation system should be adjusted.

• Determining if the laws and methodologies used to calculate cost-of-living, housing and subsistence compensation are adequate.

• Reviewing compensation to ensure that it is set up to anticipate “future requirements in technology and other fields that are critical to the Department of Defense.”

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