The General Services Administration has jurisdiction over claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred while on official temporary duty travel; and claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with relocation to a new duty station.

The Office of Personnel Management has the authority to settle claims involving federal employees’ compensation and leave, deceased employees’ compensation, and overtime claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Employees must first file their claims with their own agencies using the procedures their agency has established. The procedures described below are for use if an agency denies a claim, totally or partially. Further, some claims are subject to negotiated grievance procedures under collective bargaining agreements.

Compensation and Leave Claims

A claim must be submitted by the claimant in writing and must be signed by the claimant or by the claimant’s representative. While no specific form is required, the request should describe the basis for the claim and state the amount sought.

All claims should be sent to the Classification and Pay Claims Manager, Room 6484, Office of Merit System Audit and Compliance, Office of Personnel Management, 1900 E St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20415, phone (202) 606-7948,

Overtime Claims

The 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act of provides for minimum standards for both wages and overtime entitlement, and spells out administrative procedures by which covered work time must be compensated. The Act exempts specified employees or groups of employees from the application of certain of its provisions. The Act began applying to employees of the federal government in 1974.


The Office of Personnel Management administers the Act with respect to federal employees, except that the Labor Department administers the Act for the U.S. Postal Service, Tennessee Valley Authority and Postal Rate Commission. See

Travel and Relocation Claims

If your agency denies your claim for reimbursement related to official travel, you must first follow your agency’s procedures for challenging disallowed claims. This may mean that you must file a new claim, providing full itemization for all disallowed items reclaimed, receipts for all disallowed items reclaimed that require receipts (except that you do not have to provide a receipt if your agency already has the receipt), a copy of the notice of disallowance and state the proper authority for your claim if you are challenging your agency’s application of the law or statute.

If after reconsideration by your agency your claim is still denied, you may mail your claim for adjudication to the Office of the Clerk, Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, 1800 F St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20405, phone (202) 606-8800, online (information on an alternative dispute resolution procedure is at that site.) or submit electronically at