Evacuation payments are made to employees or their dependents, or both, who are ordered to be evacuated from or within the United States and certain non-foreign areas in the national interest because of natural disasters or for military or other reasons that create imminent danger to the lives of the employees, their immediate family, or their dependents. (Same-sex domestic partners who meet certain qualifications and their children are eligible.)

Evacuation payments may be made to dependents 16 years of age or older, or to designated representatives, with prior written authorization from the employee.


When an employee has been ordered to evacuate, agency heads may make advance payments of pay, allowances, and differentials to cover up to 30 calendar days, provided the agency head or designated official determines the payment is required to defray immediate expenses incidental to the evacuation.

The initial evacuation payment may cover up to 60 days of pay, allowances, and differentials, including the period covered by the advance payment.