Standby premium pay of between 5 and 25 percent of basic pay, up to the minimum rate of pay for GS-10 in that locality, is payable when the position requires that the employee regularly remain at, or within the confines of, a duty station.

The requirement must be definite; the employee’s remaining at the station must not be merely voluntary, desirable or a result of geographic isolation or because the employee lives on the grounds.

The hours during which the requirement is operative must be included in the employee’s tour of duty. The tour must be established on a regularly recurring basis over a substantial period of time and the requirement must be associated with the regularly assigned duties of the employee’s job, either as a continuation of regular work or as a requirement to stand by to perform regularly assigned duties if the need arises.

The rates payable vary according to the duty schedules.

See also, On-call Duty Pay