A Medicare Coordinated Care Plan, or MCCP, is an HMO which contracts with Medicare to provide low cost, comprehensive health benefits coverage to enrollees.

For this service, Medicare pays the MCCP 95 percent of the average cost it incurs in the area where the enrollee lives. Any retiree who wishes to leave the FEHB and enroll in an MCCP is free to do so. In order to do so without creating a gap in coverage, you must first enroll in an approved MCCP. Then you need to let OPM know that you have done so and want to drop your FEHB coverage solely for this reason. Make sure that OPM knows the exact date on which your MCCP coverage started. That way it can suspend your FEHB enrollment on the day before your MCCP coverage began.

If you wish to drop your MCCP coverage and reenroll in the FEHB, you may do so. However, the timing of your reenrollment will be determined by the circumstances of your case.

If your MCCP goes out of business or stops providing services in your area, you may reenroll immediately and your coverage will be effective from the date your MCCP coverage terminates.

You also may reenroll in the FEHB program for any other reason, but only during the next FEHB open season. If you do decide to reenroll in the FEHB, your coverage will begin on January 1. To avoid any gap in health benefits protection, you should cancel your MCCP coverage on the preceding day, December 31. Make sure to send OPM a copy of the document showing that cancellation date.