Federal Careers

While it may be summer, and many of us are thinking beach (or mountains), it is not the time to ease up on your job search. Here are several reasons to keep your search current:

  1. Employers are still hiring! Even though they might not be moving as quickly as you’d like because people in the chain may be on vacation, it doesn’t mean that hiring comes to a complete standstill.
  2. Competition may be less. There’s an urban myth that no one hires during the summer…that may result in fewer applicants and more attention on YOU!
  3. You may have more time to focus on your search. With people out in your office and school out as well, demands on your time may be less—what a great time to focus on yourself. You may have time for more casual networking, to really assess where you are in your search, determine what is working…and what is not.
  4. It is easier to take time off without raising suspicion. Get an interview? Want to meet with a career coach? Need time for an informational interview? Taking time off during the summer is expected and not likely to raise any eyebrows.
  5. Networking might be simpler. Everyone is looking for leaving the office on nice days. You can easily arrange to meet your contacts for coffee—and they’ll be less stressed and available as well.
  6. You can reach out to your references. Your references too, may have more time available. Reach out to them, tell them what you’re doing, and share your plans. Make sure they’re still willing and able to be a reference.
  7. If you do get that new job, it’s a great time to transition since work tends to operate at a slower pace. You’ll be able to get your feet wet and get to know your new colleagues.