Expert's View

What’s Next?

“The right of election is the very essence of the Constitution.”


The votes have been counted and the winner is Donald J. Trump. Now federal employees and retirees should be thinking hard about what the new administration will have in store for them.

Your starting point will be a review of what Mr. Trump and his team have said about the things they want to change in the federal government. Some they’ll want to put more emphasis on. Others they’ll want to reduce. Still others they’ll want to eliminate entirely. While the things they’d said won’t often be specific, they’ll at least give hints about what the future will hold for you and your agency.

By the time the Inauguration rolls around on January 20, you’ll have a clearer picture of the direction in which Mr. Trump wants the government to go. And a clearer picture still when he presents his first budget to the Congress, which will be soon afterward—maybe as soon as the first week in February.

With both houses of Congress controlled by the president’s party, the likelihood of speedy approval is greater than it has been during the last eight years. Still, there will be plenty of line items that receive a good working over as the Members seek to reward their constituents and punish their enemies.

All in all, it will be a time of change for the country, and for federal employees and retirees in particular.