Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management, working with the

chief human capital officers council, should serve as


a clearinghouse to foster greater use of personnel

flexibilities, the General Accounting Office has said

following a recent survey of agency chief human capital

officers about the federal hiring process.

It said OPM could gather, analyze, and report on when,

where, and how agencies are using, or should use,

direct hire and category rating procedures to aid in

their hiring efforts.

Thirteen of the 22 CHCOs GAO interviewed said they

were aware of OPM efforts to reform the federal

classification process. One officer representing a

large department said OPM had relinquished any

responsibility for reforming the process and that it

as been up to Congress to legislate reforms for

specific agencies while another said OPM is making

modest progress to change the classification process

but the law will have to change for real reform to

occur, said GAO.

Ten respondents said OPM should take the lead in

further classification process reform compared to

five that said Congress should take the lead, rather

than the agencies themselves, according to GAO.

It said all 22 respondents said their agencies had

made efforts to improve their job announcements and

web postings.

A Council member representing a major department added

that OPM’s continued support is needed in providing

guidance and templates to agencies on streamlined,

easy-to-understand language for job postings. Overall,

more survey respondents reported some degree of

satisfaction with OPM’s assistance in improving job

announcements and Web postings than on any other part

of the hiring process surveyed, said GAO.