Acquisition-Related Bills Advancing in House

The House has passed HR-3243, to make permanent some otherwise-expiring provisions of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, which primarily made changes to how the government buys and manages computer technology.

The bill would continue the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, which aims to reduce costs and save energy; PortfolioStat reviews, face-to-face meetings between each agency’s IT officers and OMB; and the IT Dashboard, which provides online details of federal information technology spending.

Meanwhile, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved:

HR-3019, to encourage agencies to avoid using the lowest price technically acceptable criteria when procuring information technology services, personal protective equipment, and training and logistics services outside of the United States. The best value method permits agencies to balance trade-offs between quality and cost. The bill does not require the use of a best value contract and agencies are already allowed to consider both.

HR- 3071, to require agencies to consider equipment rental in any analysis performed prior to acquiring a piece of equipment. Agencies are already required to consider purchasing or leasing when evaluating the acquisition of equipment; the bill would clarify that renting equipment is an acceptable method for acquiring it.