Federal Manager's Daily Report

The administration’s revised policies aiming increase centralization of common services across agencies such as HR, financial management and cybersecurity does not set an explicit goal of eliminating jobs but recognizes that could happen and says that among other steps, agencies should consider retraining employees for other work.

That message is consistent with numerous other statements from the administration about the impact of other changes it is pursuing, such as increased adoption of artificial intelligence and other new technologies.


Under the new “shared services” policy from OMB, agencies are to “begin planning the new approach for delivery of mission support services by shifting resources to higher value work and reducing duplication across agencies. Parent agencies of those providing impacted services should conduct human capital planning activities for implementation in the next 24-36 months. OPM will establish a framework and standards to provide support to agencies in the planning and assessment effort.

“Parent agencies of legacy providers will be responsible for working internally and with QSMO agencies [quality service management offices, the lead agencies for each shared service effort] to identify employees that may have their roles impacted based on new, changed, or decreasing responsibilities.

“Some of the available options could range from the opportunity to transition resources to new QSMO marketplaces at the appropriate time, opportunity for the consideration for other roles in the region or area, or the opportunity to take part in training programs for new and evolving roles within their parent agencies. Parent agencies will be responsible for connecting impacted employees to the available options and supporting employee decision making regarding the path forward,” it says.