Federal Manager's Daily Report

A joint OPM-GSA budget justification document for fiscal 2020 says that the administration plans to propose changes in law affecting the federal hiring process including:

* A new authority to allow agencies to appoint and compensate individuals with exceptional qualifications to positions that require specific education, experience, or competence beyond the usual level of expertise. These appointments would be term limited for up to 3 years, with option for two additional one-year extensions. No competition would be required, and appointees would serve at the pleasure of the agency; pay could be set at any rate up to executive level II.

* A new flexibility for noncompetitive term/temporary appointment for up to 18 months to address any critical hiring need.

* Extending to employees of private industry the exchange programs the government currently participates in for state and local governments and academia.

* Enable direct hire authority to be granted when there is a demonstrated shortage of “highly qualified” candidates, compared to the current threshold of “qualified” candidates.