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OMB has issued guidance on carrying out the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act enacted late last year, saying the law represents a “once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness.”

“Implementation needs to be efficient and effective to deliver the best results, protect taxpayer dollars, and ensure public trust,” says OMB memo M-22-12, which notes that general oversight will come from a new Infrastructure Implementation Task Force including several senior White House officials and representatives of departments and agencies with specific responsibilities under the law, it said.


At the agency level, agencies are designate a senior accountable official for IIJA implementation and an implementation coordinator to manage a cross-functional team and processes, and to endure that equity considerations are embedded in program design, grant administration and application review, oversight and program evaluation, policy development and research, and within local and regional field offices.

“At each step of planning, design, and implementation, consistent with statutory requirements, agencies should leverage existing agency processes to assess equity, proactively involve underserved communities4 and stakeholders, make evidence-based decisions, transparently describe the criteria for investment decisions, set and track measurable performance indicators, use data to measure and evaluate progress, and foster a culture of continuous improvement,” it says.

Agencies also are to “proactively engage with oversight entities” including agency inspectors general and the GAO on issues such as risk assessment and program integrity, it says.

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