Federal Manager's Daily Report

The White House has released an “action plan” for agencies to use in permitting and environmental reviews for projects to be funded under last year’s infrastructure spending law, stressing the importance of “early coordination and effective communication across federal agencies.”

That is to include using authorities under that law to “help avoid and resolve potential conflicts and bottlenecks, identify and share best practices, and accelerate information sharing and troubleshooting” and to develop approaches to permitting and environmental review that help address common issues and eliminate duplication, a fact sheet said.


Other priorities include “establishing clear timeline goals and tracking key project information”; “engaging in early and meaningful outreach with states, tribal nations, territories, and local communities”; “improving agency responsiveness, technical assistance, and support”; and “using agency resources and environmental reviews to improve impact.”

The last is to include prioritizing resources to address workforce needs and using best practices for accelerated hiring.

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