Agencies to Be Invited to Propose Tougher Discipline

A group of two dozen Republican House members plans to ask federal agencies for recommendations on disciplinary policies modeled on the recently signed law to require discipline up to firing for those who retaliate against whistleblowers.

The group is inviting other members of Congress to join the effort, saying they want to draw agencies’ attention to that law “and the government efficiency reforms it could bring to the broader executive branch.”

“This letter will provide all heads of federal executive and independent agencies with an opportunity for government reform within their own agencies and departments and ask for their recommendations on similar legislation, which will in turn help Congress in future government efficiency and accountability reform priorities,” they said.

Many Republicans in Congress have pushed in recent years for agencies to be more aggressive in taking disciplinary actions in a wide range of misconduct and violations of the prohibited personnel practices, not just whistleblower retaliation, as well as for poor performance.