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Houston - August 2017: Houston emergency services cross a flooded highway ramp after heavy rains from hurricane Harvey. Climate models show an increase in stronger hurricanes as warming continues.

Some two dozen federal agencies, including OPM and GSA have issued climate change “adaption and resilience” plans addressing issues including the potential costs on their infrastructure, impacts on their programs, and health and safety risks to federal employees.

“The plans reflect President Biden’s whole-of-government approach to confronting the climate crisis as agencies integrate climate-readiness across their missions and programs and strengthen the resilience of federal assets from the accelerating impacts of climate change,” said a White House fact sheet.


Also, “For the first time, agencies identified senior leadership and created new accountability structures so that adaptation and resilience is led from the top,” it said. Several agencies have designated their number two officials as chief resilience officer.

OPM for example said it will support use of telework and other workplace flexibilities for “limiting federal employees’ commute and reducing commuting-based carbon emissions.” It further said it will work to improve recruitment and retention in “occupations that are critical to the national response” for example by using authorities allowing for higher pay; and expand the availability of climate adaptation resilience training for federal employees.

The GSA meanwhile identified as vulnerable to climate change areas including real property, information and communications technology supply chains, water and wastewater utilities, transportation and transit access, and global supply chains and their infrastructure. It said it will “embed climate risk management practices into the agency’s operations.”

The plans are at https://www.sustainability.gov/adaptation.

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