Federal Manager's Daily Report

The latest SES exit survey report shows that their agencies could have kept some of those who left, OPM has said, noting that similar to the findings of previous surveys, increase in pay (30%), verbal encouragement to stay (24%), a change in duties and responsibilities (20%) and a retention incentive (20%) were the top four factors that those who left said might have changed their minds.

“It is important to keep in mind that agencies have the power to influence whether SES members ultimately choose to leave the organization. By modifying the work environment and organizational culture, and acknowledging and appreciating an executive’s value to the organization, agencies may be able to persuade their high-performing senior executives to stay,” a memo to agencies said.


It recommended that agencies:

* “Focus on strategic talent management and succession planning to effectively forecast executive resources, assess developmental needs, develop current SES members for critical positions, and create a pipeline of high-quality successors for the full range of executive positions within an organization.”

* “Prioritize the continued development of senior executives to optimize executive engagement and performance.”

* “Consider various options to retain executives, including sabbaticals, offering a different position, and phased retirement. Phased retirement provides an opportunity for eligible departing executives to share critical information and mentoring with the agency and incoming executives to support continued mission success.”