Federal Manager's Daily Report

Emerging technologies “will fundamentally change” the networks crucial for federal agency operations and services but keeping the network secure while incorporating those technologies “will require close collaboration between and within agencies,” the CIO Council has said.

“The ways in which agencies manage and secure their networks will change significantly in the coming years as network management is becoming increasingly virtualized and faster mobile network technology becomes available,” says a newly released white paper.

For example, it says that 5G wireless networks will make “communication faster, with exponentially greater data transfer and more mobility and connectivity” while software defined wire area networking (SD-WAN) “promises to change how agencies configure, monitor, and manage” their networks.

Recommendations for agencies include that they survey the technology landscape “to ensure broad awareness of new networking trends and technologies”; incorporate pilots and knowledge sharing into existing strategies; support upskilling and continuous learning for network managers; and collaborate with GSA on acquisition milestones and best practices.

The white paper “Networks of the Future” is on cio.gov.