Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Trump administration has started evaluating compliance by federal agencies with its infrastructure initiative, posting an initial set of results on performance.gov.

The ratings reflect how agencies are responding to: the “one federal decision” policy, meant to synchronize reviews and provide a more consistent and predictable process; completion and sharing of permitting timetables for major milestones; and establishing a process that elevates schedule delays to senior agency officials.

All 12 of the agencies measured are in compliance with the latter requirement on the first “infrastructure permitting accountability scorecard,” for example, while of 15 major cross-agency projects 13 are in full compliance with the one federal decision policy and the other two have been granted partial exceptions. All 15 further have complete timetables although nine of them were submitted late.

“As more data are collected, these scorecards will expand to track additional performance metrics, including whether major milestone achievements are on schedule and the time and money spent to complete reviews,” an announcement said.