Federal Manager's Daily Report

A sign outside the committee's chambers prior to a name change under Democratic leadership stripping the word "government."

The bipartisan leaders of the House Oversight and Reform Committee have asked two dozen departments and large independent agencies to explain their “policies and procedures for interacting with inspectors general and cooperating with inspector general investigations.”

The request comes in the wake of recently introduced legislation—which passed the House in the prior Congress—to strengthen IG powers in several ways as requested by IG offices which have complained for years about lack of cooperation from agency management.


The letter notes that the law already requires agencies to provide IGs with “timely access” to various types of records and information they request and asks for all documents related to either formal or informal policies and procedures for responding to such requests.

It also asks for similar documents related to whether investigations into employee or official misconduct or disciplinary matters are conducted by the IG, by an internal affairs office, office of professional responsibility, or similar office within the agency.

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