Federal Manager's Daily Report

Federal agencies have been “very active” in pursuing artificial intelligence in the year since the administration issued an initiative on AI adoption in the government and in the economy as a whole, according to a White House report.

“Some federal agencies are already leading the way by using AI to process grant applications, check federal solicitations for regulatory compliance, improve nautical charts, process satellite imagery, perform predictive maintenance, and much more. Still, there is significant room for increased use of AI. A number of interrelated challenges must be addressed — some technical, some requiring process changes, and some involving talent and workforce issues,” the report says.


Agencies meanwhile have been working to leverage the expertise of the private sector, nonprofits and academia, it said, noting that “some applications of AI are easier and more useful for the government to implement in the near term, based on existing experience.”

Agencies have been examining ways to use AI to achieve their missions and improve customer service—several have released their own AI and data science strategies—and also have benefited from collaborating with each other through mechanisms such as the centers of excellence model, it says.

It adds: “Increasing the use of AI in government requires a workforce skilled in the design, development, and use of AI systems. Federal agencies are exploring appropriate approaches for hiring, training, reskilling, and retaining federal workers with the new skills needed to innovate through the application of AI technologies. Strategic partnerships among government, industry, and academia can accelerate the development of effective approaches to prepare the federal workforce for the design, development, and use of AI.”