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OPM has invited agencies to submit requests for waivers of dual compensation reduction – salary offsets – based on a hiring need resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis.

Acting OPM director Michael Rigas (Dale Cabaniss abruptly quit last week) said he has directed staff to expedite review and approval of waiver authority so agencies can staff where needed.


OPM already has delegated authority to the Department of Veterans Affairs to issue dual compensation waivers, which could allow it to more quickly reemploy retired subject matter experts as it seeks to shore up capacity at medical centers, community-based outpatient clinics, community living centers and rest of its extensive network.

Waivers are typically only granted for limited periods and purposes. OPM makes a determination based on the following:
-there is exceptional difficulty in recruiting or retaining a qualified employee;
-there is a direct threat to life or property; or
-there are other unusual circumstances such as the need to meet a new or expanded mission requirement by a certain date or the need to appoint an individual with necessary clearances to perform critical work when no other employee could obtain that clearance within a reasonable time.
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Agencies with such a need, should use this template:
https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/hiring-information/dual-compensation-waivers/#url=Dual-Compensation-Waiver-Templates to denote the nature of their request and submit to Kimberly.Holden@opm.gov.

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