Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has announced data calls on agency use of telework and the Pathways Program for routine annual reports but with some changes from the past.

“Telework is an important flexibility that can be used to meet a variety of agency human capital and budgetary objectives. OPM is committed to supporting the expansion of telework and assisting agencies to meet their goals,” said a memo to agencies saying the administration period for the report on fiscal 2021 will run February 1-March 11.


It notes that past data calls on telework occurred in the fall but said that timing “resulted in an additional time-sensitive responsibility for Agency representatives who may occupy multiple roles that also require managing workloads that align with the transition to a new calendar year. This busy time of year often results in requests for extensions and elongated data verification processes that reduce the efficacy of the Data Call process.”

Agency telework managing officers and telework coordinators who have been designated as the points of contact for the survey will be contacted via email upon the launch of the data call and provided individual passwords to enter their date into a web-based form, it said.

Agencies meanwhile were told to report by February 1 on their projected use of the Pathways Program, including their current fiscal year plans for hiring under each of its three elements–interns, recent graduates, and Presidential Management Fellows—including information such as job title, whether the positions are mission-critical, and their share of overall hiring.

The instruction memo also called attention to a Biden administration executive order that “directs key agencies to take steps to reduce the reliance on unpaid internships, which can create barriers for low-income students and first-generation professionals.”

Reports further are to include strategies used to recruit for Pathways positions, including recruiting at academic institutions, conducting outreach to students and recent graduates, using social media platforms, participating in job fairs and/or agency-specific events that target students and recent graduates, and others.

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