Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM has told agencies to report by year’s end on their use in fiscal 2020 of an authority hiring preference for federal jobs to the spouse of a member of the armed forces on active duty, the spouse of a 100 percent disabled member of the armed forces, or the spouse of a deceased member of the armed forces.

The authority allows agencies to recruit and non-competitively appoint eligible spouses into temporary, term or permanent positions that otherwise would require competition, although it does not establish selection priority. Those hired are converted to competitive service status after completing a probationary period.


Agencies are to report data including the numbers of positions made available, applications submitted and appointments made under the authority, as well as the positions filled, by title, series, and grade level. Agencies also are to summarize the effectiveness of the authority and the actions they took to advertise and promote it.

The fiscal 2019 report “exhibited positive trends with the implementation of this initiative. For FY 2020, agency report submissions should clearly outline the methodology that was used in the recruitment, employment, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluation for the specific reporting requirements,” OPM said.

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