Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Hu Xiao Fang/Shutterstock.com

OMB and OPM have told agencies to review their workforce fund plans, from which awards to employees are paid, to ensure that they “set forth a comprehensive strategy to develop and foster a culture of recognition, including formal and informal recognition.”

Under memo M-19-24, the plans must: identify projected awards spending level, as a dollar amount, for FY 2020, by bureau or major subdivision; align with agency strategic goals and support organizational values (e.g., innovation, integrity, teamwork); and address how the agency will spend its determined amount in FY 2020 and subsequent years.


Agencies also are to explain how the plan will result in improved outcomes and organizational performance and how the agency has evaluated and adjusted the balance between rating-based awards and individual contribution awards; ensure use of an evidence-based approach to support issuing awards and the amount; and define how the agency will determine the effectiveness of awards and recognition programs and the measures used to evaluate them.

The plans, which can be agency-wide or specific to each component or bureau, are to be approved by the agency’s President’s Management Council representative and the agency’s chief human capital officer for CFO Act agencies, and at the agency level for all other agencies. They are to be submitted along with their FY 2021 budget submission to OMB.

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