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Washington DC, Jan 2017: Inauguration of Donald Trump observed from the National Mall. The Act requires steps to be taken to facilitate leadership transitions that happen between the first and second terms of administrations, as well as new administrations.

OMB has told agencies to begin required actions under the Presidential Transition Act, which it said “promotes the orderly transfer of Executive powers in connection with the expiration of the term of office of a President and the inauguration of a new President.”

The Act requires certain steps to be taken that are helpful to prepare for leadership transitions that occur between the first and second terms of administrations as well.


On a central basis, the law requires the establishment of a White House Transition Coordinating Council and Agency Transition Directors Council, and the designation of a GSA federal transition coordinator, said OMB memo M-20-24.

Individual agencies meanwhile must name points of contact to assist with transition efforts and develop succession plans to sit on an Agency Transition Directors Council.

That council among other things will coordinate transition activities among the Executive Office of the President, agencies, the transition team of candidates and later the president-elect. The first meeting is to be on May 27.

Succession plans must be in place by September 15 for each senior non-career position in the agency, it adds.

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