Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Trump has issued an executive order telling federal agencies to prioritize artificial intelligence investments in their R&D, focusing on investing in “cutting-edge ideas that can directly benefit the American people,” according to a White House fact sheet.

“The initiative directs agencies to make federal data, models, and computing resources more available to America’s AI R&D experts, researchers, and industries to foster public trust and increase the value of these resources to AI R&D experts, while maintaining the safety, security, civil liberties, privacy, and confidentiality protections,” it says.


Agencies also are to seek to “foster public trust in AI systems by establishing guidance for AI development and use across different types of technology and industrial sectors. This guidance will help federal regulatory agencies develop and maintain approaches for the safe and trustworthy creation and adoption of new AI technologies.”

They further are to: prioritize AI-relevant skills through apprenticeships, skills programs, fellowships, and education in computer science and other science, technology, engineering, and math fields; and take steps to protect American AI and technology against strategic competitors and foreign adversaries.