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The Farm Credit Administration is missing out on potential insights into why employees leave, an IG audit has said.

Like many agencies, the FCA offers an exit survey to departing employees but while there were 79 separations—out of a workforce of about 300—over 2017-2019, only 21 employees filled it out—in two of those years, only two employees each. The IG said that even those limited responses did produce some useful information, though.


For example, only two persons said they definitely would consider returning to the agency and only two said they definitely would not return, with the rest expressing various levels of uncertainty. Also, of those six said they were taking a private sector position, four said they were leaving to attend school, four retiring, three moving elsewhere in government and four cited more than one of those reasons.

However, agency officials said they were unaware of any analysis of results other than in one report from 2019 and “it was unclear if the agency had intentions of using the data collected in the surveys.”

In addition, separating employees are given the option of having a one-on-one exit interview with an HR official but over that time only four employees did so and “again, the process is not documented to explain how the agency is using the information, what types of information would need to be elevated, and what happens to the information over time,” the report said.

It said that in response, the agency plans to annually analyze the survey and exit interview data.

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