Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has set agency obligations under the “one federal decision” requirement in the cross agency priority goal of speeding up and better coordinating environmental reviews and authorization decisions in major infrastructure projects.

Agencies must track compliance with that policy and related provisions of Executive Order 13807, according to OMB memo M-18-25, and “determine the appropriate focus of resources, diagnose problems, and find opportunities for improvement. Over time, assessments will facilitate agency implementation of strategic objectives and performance plans, inform long-term decision making, and provide a basis for incorporating lessons learned into future agency program goals,” it says.

OMB will review agencies’ performance accountability through the new system at least once each quarter and will publish a quarterly scorecard of agency performance and overall progress toward achieving CAP goal targets. OMB will take that into account when reviewing agency budget proposals, it added.

All agencies with environmental review, authorization, or consultation responsibilities for infrastructure projects must modify their Strategic plans and annual performance plans under the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act to include agency performance goals related to the completion of environmental reviews and authorizations for infrastructure projects consistent with the CAP goal.