Federal Manager's Daily Report

In House hearings in preparation for the next defense budget, the Air Force highlighted initiatives for career development for current civilian employees and a streamlined program for hiring new college graduates.

The Civilian Associate Degree in Leadership and Management Studies program aims to enroll half of Air Force civilians without a college degree, an official said. “The degree enables personal and professional development, improves communication and critical thinking skills, and invests in building a cadre of future Air Force leaders,” she said.


The Premier College Intern Program, launching in 2019, will enable the Air Force to recruit directly from college campuses via a summer intern program using direct hire authority. The intent is to recruit college students who have completed their junior year by giving them summer internships followed by a guaranteed civilian intern developmental position immediately on graduation.

“The premier internship program will provide the Air Force with a strategic approach to target specific fields of study, build a campus talent pipeline and introduce the Air Force as an employer of choice. Our target for FY19 is 500–we currently have 415 acceptances. This approach ensures we will leverage the new congressional hiring authorities and stay competitive with private sector companies,” she said.