Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Air Force has started offering training to civilian employees and supervisors in advance of its shift to the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program next April.

That program, part of the New Beginnings personnel initiative, is being rolled out in phases over two years—it started with about 14,000 in certain headquarters components in April of this year– eventually extending to the large majority of DoD civilians.

Air Force civilians will be part of a phase with the first annual appraisal period beginning April 1, 2017.

Training options include a six-hour web-based training via Joint Knowledge Online, a 14-hour in-resident class, or a combination. Training must be complete for transition into DPMAP, the Air Force said.

“Additional Air Force training related to DPMAP and New Beginnings, expected in the fall, includes a performance management coaching program that will provide short, facilitated, interactive learning opportunities. Performance management coaching will be implemented in group or individual sessions on topics such as active listening, holding critical conversations and developing performance standards,” the Air Force said.

Additional information is on the Air Force’s myPers system.