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The Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph AFB, Texas, has

directed a management approach it calls “rapid improvement


events” at a policy area that frustrates managers across

the government–the amount of time it takes for a job vacancy

to be filled. The Center, after seeing that it takes up to

200 days to get some positions filled, assigned three process

improvement teams to reduce the time a request to fill a

vacancy is in its system and the administrative handling

spent on each.

The teams identified more than 40 potential changes in policy,

procedure or systems, for example reducing the time that

actions are in the hands of the Center by 12 to 14 days, and

designing a model to reduce steps. Other changes under way

in the hiring process include reducing the minimum period a

position announcement remains open from 14 to seven days,

allowing positions to be announced any day of the week, not

just on Fridays, and allowing all qualified eternal

candidates to be referred to the hiring authority, not just a

limited number.


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