Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Air Force will accept applications for its fiscal year 2021 civilian developmental education, civilian strategic leader and the engineer and scientist exchange programs January 13 (earlier than in prior years) through February 28.

“These developmental programs prepare Air Force civilians to anticipate and successfully meet challenges across the wide range of Air Force operations and missions through unique educational and leadership opportunities,” an announcement said.


“Requirements and eligibility may vary for specific programs. In order to be considered, applicants can self-nominate and must be endorsed by their chain of command. Applicants should carefully review program requirements before preparing and submitting application packages,” it said. “Major commands and unit deadlines may vary; employees should confirm timelines with their local organizations to ensure applications meet appropriate deadlines.”

Eligibility, documentation requirements and instructions are on the civilian force development page on the myPers portal; applications are to be made through the MyVECTOR portal.