Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Army has said it will consolidate online portals for its civilian employees on career information and job opportunities, meanwhile moving some information currently accessible to the general public behind DoD firewalls.

“This move will improve delivery of civilian personnel services by consolidating knowledge centers, thus limiting the number of places individuals and organizations will need to search to find specific CHRM [Civilian HR Management] data and information. It also supports the ongoing DoD effort to develop a centralized, linked knowledge base available across the enterprise while transitioning Civilian HR Management processes to a collaborative environment,” it says.

The initiative “focuses on a continued presence within milSuite while transitioning content from legacy systems to other existing DoD platforms and moving to a self-service / collaborative paradigm,” it says. It also will allow authorized individuals to post new or revised information directly rather than go through what it called the current “gate-keeper” process.

“In addition to improved efficiency and cost savings, this action will improve security by placing detailed unclassified but sensitive CHRM information behind DoD firewalls while still allowing general access for Army / DoD employees and military service members . . . While individual elements of information openly provided by cpol.army.mil are not classified or sensitive, the aggregation of the entirety of Army civilian personnel information constitute an appealing target for potential adversaries,” it says.