Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Army has issued guidance regarding higher-level review of ratings under the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program, a part of the “New Beginnings” personnel initiative that has started on a limited basis in DoD and over the next several years is to encompass nearly the entire civilian workforce at the department.

The guidance states that while involvement of a higher-level reviewer is required only if an employee is rated at the lowest of the three levels in that system, the Army requires such review for all ratings. “Two tier rating levels serve as an internal organizational review contributing to organizational rating consistency and provide checks and balances for finalizing employee ratings,” says a memo from the Army’s office of manpower and reserve affairs.


Exceptions will be allowed on a case-by-case basis where the rating official is also the highest possible rating official in an organization or at a location—for example the commander of an installation.

The higher-level reviewers will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate job performance standards are developed and that employees are aware of DoD and Army core values, mission and goals that apply to their personal ratings criteria, it said.

Employees are to be made aware of all rating officials involved in the planning and evaluation of their performance, and any applicable union-related obligations should be honored, it adds.