Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Army has issued guidance on ratings of supervisors under the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal System, an employee rating system that is being phased in across the Army and other DoD components that eventually will apply to nearly all of the department’s civilian employees.

“DPMAP aims to create a fair, credible, and transparent performance appraisal process and calls for institutionalizing a culture of high performance through greater employee/supervisory communication and accountability, increased employee engagement, and added transparency in these processes. Supervisors and managers will serve as major catalysts for expected cultural and attitudinal changes,” a memo from the Army’s headquarters personnel office says.

It requires that all supervisory performance plans include three specific performance focus areas: management and leadership; equal employment opportunity and diversity; and hiring reform.

The memo includes sample language for each area and encourages its use, while adding that components “have flexibility to develop performance standards that address different levels of supervision and varying types of work environments.

“It is recommended that you develop a consistent approach in establishing performance expectations that will be instrumental in achieving expected cultural and attitudinal changes. You may include additional supervisory requirements (elements) you deem appropriate for assessing the performance of supervisors in your respective organizations. You should ensure that standards include specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely criteria,” it says.