Federal Manager's Daily Report

Transition teams will not only move into official federal space in the next few weeks, “but they will have a lot to do to be ready to govern on day one” and agencies will need to be part of that effort, the Partnership said.

For the transition teams, activities include coordinating with GSA to accept GSA-provided services; moving into GSA-provided office space and organizing equipment, supplies and secure IT infrastructure; coordinating with the FBI and other agencies about security clearances for transition team members; onboarding new staff as the transition team grows; and more.


According to the Partnership’s transition guide, agencies also should be gathering “information to be handed over to the incoming agency review teams after the election. At a minimum, these materials should include a brief summary of the department’s basic organization, current mission and performance goals, and identification and summaries of major policies and internal management, legal and infrastructure challenges.

“Agencies also must prepare for the arrival of agency landing teams—members of the incoming president’s transition team tasked with gathering information about their assigned agency—after Election Day. In general, agencies should follow the guidelines that are laid out in the memorandum of understanding signed by the outgoing White House and incoming transition chairman that will govern interactions between the agency landing teams and federal employees. Agency transition coordinators should consider leveraging this opportunity to tailor their briefing materials to what would be most useful to incoming teams.”