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A poll conducted by the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys found that more than nine-tenths of its members say that they have been able to continue doing their job well and support allowing it at least two days a week as a normal practice.

The association made that request in a letter to the Justice Department, which along with other agencies is setting long-term policies for the mix of offsite and onsite work.


“While some U.S. Attorney Offices allow significant telework flexibility, some offer none or nearly none. NAAUSA members have raised health and wellbeing concerns at USAOs that revoked telework flexibility as soon as possible without ensuring adequate safety measures were in place to protect employee health. Given the high contagion level of many COVID-19 variants, such as the delta and omicron variants, this is increasingly concerning,” it wrote.

Having that flexibility also will help the department recruit and retain those employees in the face of competition from major law firms which have increasingly moved to making substantial telework a standard practice, it said.

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