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A “lack of coordination” among offices with responsibilities over identity, credential, and access management, or ICAM, has left the VA “at risk of both restricting information from users who need it to perform their job functions and leaving information vulnerable to improper use,” an IG audit has said.

The goal of ICAM is to “unify information technology services and improve physical access control, information security, and decision-making,” the report said, but the central HR and IT offices have disagreed regarding their roles and responsibilities in carrying out both VA and OMB policy guidance.


The latter for example imposes requirements that agencies establish a governance structure, define a single policy, identify performance expectations, and incorporate digital identity risk management practices.

The IG further said it found the VA’s guidance on ICAM to be “outdated” for reasons including a lack of resources and that “staff did not have the technical expertise” to issue policies complying with certain OMB requirements.

The IG said it considers VA’s planned corrective actions to be responsive to those issues and that it will monitor them.

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