Federal Manager's Daily Report

An IG’s audit has identified several needed improvements in quality review processes at the VA National Pension Call Center.

It said that: management and call agents did not complete or properly record all required training; supervisors did not review or take corrective actions for calls evaluated by quality-review specialists; calls in Spanish were not included in Benefits Assistance Service quality-review monitoring and that there was no quality review specialist fluent in Spanish to evaluate those calls; and documentation that included personally identifiable information was mailed to incorrect addresses.

Also, management “lacked reasonable assurance that the NPCC’s hours of operation provided sufficient availability for pension recipients to speak with agents,” a report said, adding that management did not analyze call data to determine the number of calls that go unanswered after the close of its business day.

The IG said it considered the VA’s responses to its recommendations to be acceptable and said it will follow up on the implementation.