Federal Manager's Daily Report

The USPS is falling short of characteristics that make for a good customer experience, an IG report has said, noting that its auditors who went into 136 randomly selected retail locations were dissatisfied with their overall experiences in a quarter of them.

A report cited industry research naming the five main drivers of a good experience as excellence in executing transactions, engaged employees, brand experience, sensitivity to the time customers wait before finishing a transaction and resolving of problems. Most commonly, the shortcomings the auditors experienced fell into the first three categories, it said.


Specifically, at 16 of the units, the retail associates “did not greet us in a friendly manner, maintain a positive demeanor, or use a polite tone of voice”; at 24, they “did not provide useful information about our transactions or inquiries”; and at 35 auditors “observed facility maintenance concerns.”

In contrast, the best experiences were characterized by “friendly and knowledgeable retail associates who could complete our transactions and facility cleanliness.”