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While the average age of current federal employees is 47, the average age of new hires is 39, and “to many, that won’t seem like much of a difference,” the MSPB has said.

A recent publication breaking down both groups by 10-year age segments shows that—as might be expected—the percentage of new hires exceed the share of the workforce in the two youngest age groups but the opposite is true at the oldest, while they are about equal in the middle.


Specifically, while only 7 percent of current workers are under age 30, 27 percent of new hires are in that age band, and for the 30-39 age band, the figures are 23 and 33 percent, respectively. In contrast, only 14 percent of new hires are ages 50-59 and only 3 percent are ages 60-69, while those age bands account for 30 and 13 percent of current workers, respectively.

Twenty-three percent of new hires and 26 percent of current employees are age 40-49, the MSPB added. (One percent of the workforce is age 70 and above with almost now hires in that age range.)

The MSPB added that while the mere 7 percent of current workers under age 30—about a quarter of the private sector figure—has often been cited as proof that the government “does not effectively recruit or hire younger people,” it is significant that more than one in four new hires in total are in that range.

“Whether that rate is enough to establish a solid pipeline for federal occupations is up for debate,” it said.

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