Federal Manager's Daily Report

The EEOC has reported that it reduced its backlog of complaints by federal employees in fiscal 2018, a year of a “significant increase” in calls, emails and online inquiries from both federal and private-sector workers concerning potential discrimination claims.

The federal sector case backlog was cut by 19.4 percent to 2,942 at the end of a year in which it resolved 4,320 appeals of agency decisions, including 85 percent of appeals that were more than 500 days old, and secured $13.6 million in remedies, it said. Overall, it resolved 90,558 private and public sector charges, reducing its backlog by 19.5 percent to 49,607, the lowest inventory in more than ten years.

The EEOC secured $505 million for victims of discrimination including nearly $99 million in cases involving federal employees.

The EEOC says it received over 554,000 calls and emails and handled over 200,000 inquiries concerning potential discrimination claims “as national awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual harassment heightened attention to addressing workplace harassment.”