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The guide outlines requirements to procure products and services meeting energy consumption standards. Image: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock.com

The CIO Council and GSA have issued a best practices guide for agencies on sustainable IT, as ordered by the 2020 Energy Act and reflecting policies set by executive orders and OMB memos since then.

“While investment in all of the areas identified in the Federal Sustainability Plan will strongly contribute to the success of the whole sustainability ecosystem, an increased investment in IT sustainability presents a tremendous opportunity for the federal government to do more to achieve the goals set in the Federal Sustainability Plan and meet the White House’s high-level benchmarks,” it says.

Among those benchmarks, it notes, are requirements for agencies to procure products and services meeting certain energy consumption standards.

The guide addresses topics including acquiring hardware products that align with federally-recommended sustainability guidelines; implementing sustainable practices within enterprise data centers; tracking usage effectiveness and other data center metrics; weighing procurement of new hardware assets versus maintaining legacy hardware; and sustainability practices for power and hardware management.

Also addressed are considerations for cloud computing; building sustainability considerations into existing IT plans, and more.

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