Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB in its latest guidance to agencies on preparing their submissions for the fiscal 2021 budget cycle (Circular A-11) has included an updated and expanded section on managing customer experiences and improving service delivery, aimed at “a more consistent, comprehensive, robust, and deliberate approach” across the government. These include (in the guidance’s words):

• For applicable services, customer feedback should be obtained as close to the time of the transaction as possible, and made available to program managers as frequently as possible;


• To the extent possible, feedback collection mechanisms should be brief, thereby imposing minimal burden on customers and sampling techniques may be used on high-volume transactions to reduce burden, when appropriate;

• Administer surveys applying best practices for optimizing response rate, for example, presenting only the two overall measures and the opportunity to provide free text comments on the reasoning for provided scores first, then presented the opportunity to respond to the remaining CX measures;

• Agencies should have an overarching measurement and collection plan that captures timing for journey and relationship customer feedback, taking stock of all data collection efforts and minimizing survey fatigue;

• Data should be coded so that it can be sorted for action by organizational units, such as office location;

• Relevant service level indicators (e.g., wait times) and usage statistics (e.g., leveraging the Digital Analytics Program (DAP)) appropriate to each service should also be collected and measured; and

• CX data collected, including customer feedback data and service level metrics, should be made publicly available; for example, through the program website and the performance.gov CX dashboards, and included in the Annual Performance Report.