Federal Manager's Daily Report

Neera Tanden, who has worked for the Clinton and Obama administrations and is a longtime advisor to Hillary Clinton, has been nominated for the OMB Director role. She found herself having to apologize for past Tweets heavily critical of some of the Senators at her confirmation hearings - including Sen. Bernie Sanders.

President Biden continues to draw on officials from the Obama administration as he forms his own administration, most recently naming former White House personnel official Pam Coleman as associate director for performance management at OMB.

While that position mostly has focused on technical matters in the past, the responsibilities will also include general oversight of federal personnel matters, including addressing skills shortages.


Previously, Biden had nominated former Obama health care advisor Neera Tanden as OMB director and Jason Miller, a senior economic advisor under Obama as deputy director for management. He most recently nominated Shalanda Young, a senior staffer on the House Appropriations Committee, as deputy director for budget. All of those positions except for Coleman’s require Senate confirmation, a process that has started only for Tanden.

There still has been no indication of potential nominees for the OPM director and deputy director position, however; OPM is being run on an acting basis by career official Kathleen McGettigan, as it was for the first year of the Trump administration.

Biden meanwhile has withdrawn the Trump administration nominees for the three positions on the five-member TSP governing board for which a president makes nominations. Their nominations had expired at the end of the prior Congress but Trump had renominated them shortly afterward. Two of those seats remain filled on a holdover basis, as do the two seats under the control of congressional leaders, with one vacancy.

Also vacant are all three seats on the MSPB governing board, the FLRA general counsel position, and all 10 seats on the Federal Service Impasses Panel.

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