Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Dana J Lewis/Shutterstock.com

The Senate has joined the House in passing HR-150, to establish a common set of financial data standards for agencies to use in awarding and overseeing grants.

The bill reflects findings of a pilot project under the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act which concluded that grant reporting could be completed in a more accurate and timely fashion if grantees had access to an online repository containing defined data standards. “HR-150 replaces the disconnected processes with streamlined, searchable open data,” said a congressional report on the bill.


Meanwhile the Senate passed S-2193, to clarify that federal employees authorized to use a charge card to refuel a motor vehicle may also use their charge card and other forms of payment to pay for the charging of electric motor vehicles.

“This bill will enable agencies that acquire electric vehicles to use the existing charge cards to pay for recharging, facilitating the federal government’s adoption of more efficient and affordable electric vehicle technology,” sponsors said.

The bill now moves to the House.