Federal Manager's Daily Report

A newly introduced House bill (HR-2617) with bipartisan support seeks to open the door for more stakeholders to help craft agency performance plans – including the agency’s the chief information officer, chief data officer, and chief financial officer.

“The current law requires only the chief human capital officer to contribute to the creation of an agency’s performance plan, leaving much of the agency’s leadership brain trust out of the planning process. The current law does not require agencies to incorporate data and evidence or information technology into performance plans and fails to require the collaboration of top agency officials in the creation of the plans,” sponsors said in a statement.


The bill further would specify that performance plans must include descriptions of human capital, training, data and evidence, information technology, and skill sets needed for the agency to meet the agency’s performance goals.

It also would require that the plans include descriptions of technology modernization investments, system upgrades, staff technology skills and expertise, stakeholder input and feedback, and other resources and strategies needed to meet the goals.

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